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Product news AGRITECHNICA 2011 - HC 9500

26 October 2011
HC 9500


HARDI launches on AGRITECHNICA 2011 the HC 9500 controller - a new ISOBUS virtual terminal.

The complete integration of all important information on one work screen is an important criterion. Farmers want to see at a glance all sprayer information and also guidance and boom management information without changing work screen. 

The HC 9500 has a 12.1” colour touch screen display with a screen resolution of 1024 x 764 pixels and offers compatibility with the ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) Virtual Terminal Standard.

Besides the known intelligent HARDI features as AutoWash, the HC9500 controller provides growers a powerful, full-featured precision farming tool for guidance, data logging, application report generation, automated steering and more.  

To make the complex sprayer operation easier, the proven HARDI GRIP will be delivered with the sprayer so all primary spray functions, such as on/off and section switches as well as the hydraulic operation can easily and safely take place by means of a joystick. Also a SetBox will be used to operate sprayer specific equipment as TWIN air assistants or SafeTrack steering directly.

HC 9500

Integrated AutoSectionControl
All sprayer functions will be controlled by ISOBUS functionally; also AutoHeight and AutoSectionControl are integrated. Further the HC9500 is able to control the AutoSteer functions. The automatic section control is following the defined task controller function of the ISOBUS standard.

The HC 9500 controller will be available as standard controller on ALPHA evo and SARITOR self-propelled and as optional choice on the new COMMANDER 7000.